SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation

Health, Education & RehabiliTation Opportunities


We created the SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation to carry on Kevin’s superhuman strength and spirit in helping others battling the fight against mental illness and addiction. You can read more about Kevin's life here

Held every year close to Kevin’s birthday (October 7), Kevin’s Superhero 5k raises money for mental health research. There’s nothing Kevin would have enjoyed more than a morning run followed by a day of BBQing, laughing, and enjoying the company of friends and family (and maybe talking a little trash on the Cowboys…). We hope you’ll join us this fall to carry on Kevin’s memory, fund research, and show solidarity for the millions fighting with the same courage that Kevin did. Though we lost Kev, we can think of no better legacy with which to honor him than to fund research that can save another life and spare the loss of another family.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or addiction, please visit our Resources page for tools to help.

2019 Superhero Tree Dedication

Are you running for someone?

In honor of all those who have passed away or are still fighting against the effects of mental illness and addiction, we are dedicating several trees with the Maryland Forest Service.

Addiction and mental illness are often lonely battles for those suffering and their loved ones. We hope these trees will serve as a living tribute to offer moments of peace, strength, and serenity in the face of heroic fights.

If you'd like to add a name to be memorialized, honored, or to send out hope for their recovery, contact us directly or use this form to submit.

All submissions will be anonymous, unless you note otherwise. You do not need to make a donation or be present at the race to submit a name to be included.

SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation Mission

In honor of the courageous life and spirit of Kevin Stoddard, the SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation provides vital resources to help end the suffering and stigma of those struggling with mental illness and addiction.

Through periodic programs and events, SuperHERO raises funds that directly contribute to mental health research. Our efforts also support current and future mental health professionals in their work to counsel and rehabilitate recovering addicts and others afflicted with mental illness.